On 24 September 2023 I will open the doors of my studio in the Nachrichtenmeisterei in Kassel.
I will be welcoming visitors from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Welcome to my studio!

2023. During the National Zoology Conference Germany 2023 at the Campus Center of the University of Kassel, an art exhibition will be held from Sept. 4-8, 2023 to accompany the program.
There will be works on display that deal with animals. I will be exhibiting „Tracing Coyotes – A dog crosses my Way“ and some of the fur balls from VISION/VERSION.
„Observation 2“ from Cranemaps will also be on display.

This year’s summer exhibition „Bernsteinzimmer“ at the Hugenottenhaus in Kassel had the Amber Room as its theme. Daniel Westhof and I worked as a collective on the „Telefongeschichten“.

Forgotten lives in a house full of memories. Significant stories of insignificant people from times gone by.
Three stories find their way through the wires of old telephones. The voices move the contents of mysterious caskets.

2023. ZDF visited us Artist-in-Residencies during the set-up in the Horizons exhibition of the Germanic National Museum. I was interviewed and appeared in the report.

2022. I wrote 95 pages of Dark Fantasy „BurgBerg“ in the screenwriting masterclass „Screenplay in 23 Days“. Synopsis:
„Together with adverse forest inhabitants, a man (65) begins a surreal odyssey through an enchanted forest. Chasing his suitcase and a jumping castle, abysmal evil from deep within the earth follows them. To escape, he must face his greatest fear: Himself.“
The Club23 masterclass with Florian Puchert and Benedikt Schwarzer took place with six Hessian authors in cooperation with Hessen Film & Medien.

2021.“White Sheets of Paper“ by Anja Köhne. Other creatives are invited to participate in a common project. Each artist is invited to express themselves in any form with the theme of a blank sheet of paper. There is no restriction. My contribution: „Kranich“.

2020 Nominierung der Kreativprämie Sounddesign Nachwuchs HessenFilm und Medien
2020 Creative Award Nomination Sound Design Young HessenFilm and Media