I wrote 95 pages of Dark Fantasy „BurgBerg“ in the screenwriting masterclass „Screenplay in 23 Days“. Synopsis:
„Together with adverse forest inhabitants, a man (65) begins a surreal odyssey through an enchanted forest. Chasing his suitcase and a jumping castle, abysmal evil from deep within the earth follows them. To escape, he must face his greatest fear: Himself.“
The Club23 masterclass with Florian Puchert and Benedikt Schwarzer took place with six Hessian authors in cooperation with Hessen Film & Medien. 2022.

„White Sheets of Paper“ by Anja Köhne. Other creatives are invited to participate in a common project. Each artist is invited to express themselves in any form with the theme of a blank sheet of paper. There is no restriction. My contribution: „Kranich“. 2021.

2020 Nominierung der Kreativprämie Sounddesign Nachwuchs HessenFilm und Medien
2020 Creative Award Nomination Sound Design Young HessenFilm and Media