2023 Das Kino sind wir – sound design
Documentary by Livia Theuer, 80 min

2022 Etwas kommt zutage – sound design
Documentary by Arianna Waldner Bingemer, 62 min

2021 P(a)inoccio – sound recording, sound design and mastering
Interactive immersive theater game by Lily Sykes and Thomaspeter Goergen, 131 min

Play P(a)inoccio on Stornoway

2021 La sorsier kabiné – sound design and mastering – Award Goldener Herkules 2021
Short film by Joey Arand, 30 min

2020 The Kafka Conference – sound recording, sound design and mastering – 2021 Award Hessian Film and Cinema
Documentary film by Tobias Sauer, 157 min

2019 Sincerely, Now Air – sound design and mastering – 2020 Nomination Creative Award Sound Design Young HessenFilm and Media
Animated Short film by Theresa Grsycok, 5:45 min