EECHOO Audiobiografisches Radio

In einem Workshop von Ain Bailey, Gastprofessorin für Sound an der Kunsthochschule Kassel, 2017/18 entwickeltes spielbares Radio, das sechs audiobiografische Hörstücke wiedergibt.
Technische Unterstützung von Oliver Gräb.

Playable radio developed in a 2017/18 workshop by Ain Bailey, visiting Professor of Sound at the Kassel University of the Arts, reproducing six audiobiographical audio pieces
Technical support from Oliver Gräb.

Lumi and Luzi are discussing. Probably dog related topics. These two dogs taught me some very important lessons but rather human related. Both about myself and others.
I appreciate it.

Winter was very special to me in my childhood. I was born around christmas and loved the movie „White Fang“ – the Disney adaption of Jack Londons story by the same name. I used to play being a lonely wanderer, whose sleigh was pulled through the deep snowbanks by a wolfdog.
I recorded the sound of my own footsteps with freezing, almost numb hands when it was -17 C in Pori/ Finland.

One of my first memories is of my stepfather digging a hole to plant a cherry tree. He filled the hole with water, put the little tree inside the waterhole and shoveled back the earth.
The tree is now 30 years old and full of cherries in summertime.

In the same village where I used to go to the „Hutzelfeuer“ my childhood friends and I used to play at a little stream near the woods. At a certain point the stream gets wide, less deep and is covered with big stones. Here we used to play survival games, build dams and enjoyed the woods.
When I went back to record the stream, I found a little boat near the water – ready for the next adventure.

Every year, on the first Sunday after Ash Wednesday, many villages in Nordhessen set up huge, festive bonfires – so called „Hutzelfeuer“. The voluntary fire brigade sells drinks and hot sausages and looks after the bonfires. As a child I loved to watch, hear and feel the heat of the fire on the cold February evenings.
This year, when I was recording the fire, I was thrown back into my childhood.

Close to the area of the Hutzelfeuer, there is a small water tower. In my childhood we used to sing while throwing stones trough the very tiny holes of its walls. We loved the strange sounds it made.
During my recordings on a windy evening I couldn’t stop to play and sing with the echoes.